Payment Methods 付款方式

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* 加拿大銀行外匯今日外匯計算器Daily currency converter – Bank of Canada

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第一步 (Step 1:) 

付款方式 Payment Methods

1. 銀行電匯/銀行轉帳 (Bank Transfer /Cable Transfer)

1.1 匯加拿大元或美金:

Click link: 銀行電匯/銀行轉帳 Bank Transfer.

銀行名稱 Bank Name: CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)

銀行代碼 Bank #: 010

分行代碼 Transit # : 01910

銀行分行地址 Branch Address : 5636 Cambie St. Vancouver, BC V5Z 3A5, Canada

加幣賬戶號碼  A/C Number (CAD ) : 01910-1703013

美金賬戶號碼  A/C Number (USD) : 01910-0232416

收款人 Beneficiary : Capstone Education Services Inc.

收款人地址 Beneficiary Address: 933 – 360 Robson St., Vancouver, BC V6B 2B2 , Canada

電報碼  SWIFT code : CIBCCATT

(  電匯管理費:每次匯入總金額一萬元加币,收銀行電匯款$50加幣,而匯出時也要收取$50加幣  )

(  Incoming wire payments $50 or outgoing wire payments $ 50 per transaction fees may apply . )



1.3 跨境匯人民幣:


2. 貝寶匯人民幣


PayPal 是爲跨國買賣發送和接收付款最方便、最安全的方法。PayPal平台 支持個人和公司的各種國際銀行信用卡、支付卡、銀聯卡的支付結算。 5% per transaction PayPal fees may apply)

3.  信用卡和銀行借記卡 (Visa , Master, American express cards ect. (5% per transaction fees may apply)

square logosquare-payments

4. 現金 (Cash)

5. 銀行匯票 (Bank draft)

6. 現金匯票 ( Money order)

7. 加拿大轉錢櫃員機 (Interac)

8. 保付支票(Certified cheque ) , 個人支票 (Personal cheque )or 公司支票 (corporate cheque)

Pay to (收款人):      

Capstone Education Services Inc.

Mail address(邮寄地址):
933 – 360 Robson ST.,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2B2

9. 西联汇款 (WU):
To eliminate risk , a client who want to use WU transfer money should contact us first.

10. Bitpay


Consulting Fee $ 200 (USD)

第二步 (Step 2:)

After you finished the STEP 1, You should contact us and send the referance information of the remittance to us.========>Click Here

我們認為有效的商務溝通對任何生意都很重要。請告訴我們你的付款信息和需求:你的名字,匯款日期,匯款幣種,匯款金額,匯款方法(Paypal,電匯,銀行支票),目的(何種服務,或那個產品) 和你的聯系方式等。如果客戶沒有提供上訴基本信息給我們,我們就無法了解客戶的詳細資料和要求,客戶訂購的產品或服務可能被迫停滯。

We believe that effective communication very important to all business. We may not able to provide services unless we received the informations of your order and the payment: such as your name, date of remittance, remittance currency(such as USD or CnD or RMB ect), the amount of remittances, remittance method (PayPal, wire transfers, bank checks), ordered item(s) ( services or products),you contact information (email , phone # , mail address ) ect.

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